Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Another lullaby

Hush little baby, hush, don’t you cry;
Big Brother will rock you to sleep by and by.
No fussing and fretting, just close up those eyes
and drift off to sleep to a sweet lullaby.
Because Big Brother loves you and wants you to know
he’s always beside you wherever you go.
Big Brother will spare you the pain and the grief
of a world that’s half crazy and armed to the teeth;
No need to be scared; no, you don’t understand;
rest assured that the nation is safe in his hands.
Big Brother will bang up the drunks and thugs
and never back down in the war against drugs;
he’ll clean up the streets and he’ll keep Britain great
by breaking the unions before it’s too late.
and then there’s the police, education and health,
all in need of reform and a source of new wealth.
Big Brother can do it: the future is blue.
You voted him in, now he’ll look after you.
We’re in this together, we’re none of us plebs.
Big Brother is watching us snore in our beds.

© Abigail Wyatt

New powers to record every phone call and email makes surveillance '60m times worse'
Abigail is the 2012 winner of the Lisa Thomas Poetry Award. Her collection, 'Old Soldiers, Old Bones and Other Stories' , will be published by One Million Stories early in 2012.