Friday, 13 April 2012

Alzheimer’s Allegory

There is a girl I used to know
She had many ways of hurting you and so
I packed my bags and left her
Though she swore I’d never go
There is a girl I used to know.

There is a town I used to love
It once contained most everything
My dreams consisted of
My babies in the basement
As the traffic trawled above
There is a town I used to love.

There is a bar I used to go
I sometimes still look in
There may be somebody I know
It’s where ‘old kings of comedy’
Mend their tattered souls
There’s a bar I used to go.

Why I’m ill I just don’t know
Just simply leave me on my own
I’ll find a friend from long ago
And ask them where my life has gone
Someone with a soul, to see
An old man sitting at a bar alone

There is this joke I used to tell
A man is granted three good wishes
He wastes them – yes that rings a bell
And ends up broke and washing dishes
I am that joke I used to tell

There is that guy I used to know
He once had everything
But that was a million mistakes ago
And now he sits here drinking
With a tale that starts, like so:
‘There is a girl I used to know’.

© Ralph Killey

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Ralph Killey worked on the Liverpool Echo for thirty years and became part owner of World Group Newspapers, Lancashire. He has a collection entitled: 'When there's Notin' on the Tele'.