Friday, 30 March 2012

The Big Sky

It’s about the bigger picture, you say,

tilting my chin skywards,

How can we make sense of something

we can never see in its entirety?

All I know is I am happy to be

an un-joined dot, sometimes obscured

by low cloud and light pollution;

a past fast diminishing.

But I understand the urge – no matter

how we direct each other’s gaze,

there are things we can’t share.

We are a picture seen only from the inside.

I wonder if we’ll ever be worth study,

as an example of something –

a man, tilting a woman’s chin

towards a picture neither understands.

© Jessica Traynor

Picture captures a billion stars
Jessica Traynor is an Irish poet with poems published in New Irish Writing, The SHOp, The Moth and The Stinging Fly. She won the 2011 Listowel Writers Week Poetry Award.