Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sunday Supplement

In this Sunday Supplement we've included the usual weekly Review, an insight into our Submission process and TWO new poems.

The Germans have a saying: 'one eye laughing, the other eye crying'... and that's how Poetry24 felt this week.  Lavinia Kumar's harrowing No Longer Crying Inside about torture in Homs, Jim Bennett's moving Hillsborough and an intriguing poem from Ana Garza G'z relating to blinded policeman David Rathband all brought tears to our eyes. But it was tears of laughter with Fran Hill's beer spilling: The Kitchen Lads and of a sense of frustration from new contributor L.S. Bassen on the US Abortion Bill and  in Philip Challinor's skeptical Helping Out suggesting assistance to Somalia wasn't entirely altruistic - as if!

Submission process
One of the eternal dilemmas for us as editors of Poetry24 is how to choose. I'm not the most decisive person in the world and am often flummoxed by the conundrums thrown up by contributors. If we get a bunch of good ones all at once do we hold on until they're stale (but still good) or go for newer 'fresh' stuff... how long can we hold on before it's too old? You may have noticed we sometimes publish a very topical poem when we've had your submission a week and it may not seem fair. But here's the order of priority Martin and I agree on:

#1 great and totally topical
#2 great and less topical
#3 good and totally topical
#4 good and less topical
#5 ok and totally topical

Of course, we also like to ensure we have a range of styles, subject matter and poets each week, so that comes into the mix too - and all of this on the hoof on a daily basis!  We'd be interested to hear your thoughts on how we're doing - either in the comments here or by email.

All the best
Clare & Martin

Two poems

Macbeth in Syria or
Out damned de-spot!

Basher Assad, boss of Syria,
A leader whose reign is inferior,
Has shown he’s as nasty
As Muammar Kaddafi.
So put the boot to his posterior!

© Stafford Ray

 and finally... no Sunday Supplement is complete without an obituary:

I'm a Bereaver

Davy Jones
Your northern tones
filled up my ears with sixties soap
but filled my heart with hope.

And as the psychedelic colours
turned to shades of grey
the memory of "The Monkees"
is a memory that will stay

Oh Davy Jones
you were so cute
and not as hirsute
as Mike or Mickey or Peter Tork
when on that beach you walked that comical walk

Forever fixed in a zany, kooky past
that train to Clarksville is really the last.
Never again will you smile and sing
and that 6 o'clock alarm
will never, ever ring.

© Jason T Richardson

The Monkees lead Davy Jones tributes
Jason is a poet, comedian and artist who has supported John Cooper Clarke, performed live in a bed in public and invented the tin opener. (One of these facts isn't true.)