Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sunday Review

Jessica Traynor made her Poetry24 debut, this week, in the midst of a solar storm, with her poem,  A Modern Mayan Calendar. There may have been fears for our lines of communication, but Jessica's work came through loud and clear.

Abigail Wyatt's Small Change reflected the economic pinch felt by those over 50s known as the 'squeezed middle', while David Subacchi reminded us that, for some, money is no object. His poem, My Love, sprung from the story of musician, Nicola Benedetti, who impressed a London banker so much, with her playing, he handed her a Stradivarius, worth an estimated £6.3 million.

In a week when the Obamas and the Camerons were cosying up to each other, Lavinia Kumar's, Birther, again, highlighted the claim of an Arizona sheriff, that Mr President's birth certificate may be a forgery. And, while questions were being raised about Obama's origins, Philip Challinor put the Camerons under his own magnifying glass, with A Measure of Strength.

Mike Richardson, our second newcomer this week, marked the finale of the Six Nations Rugby Championship, and St Patrick's Day, with a heady piece of pseudo Shakespeare, to stir the blood.


One poet brought to my attention the fact that the new word verification system makes the commenting process difficult, if not impossible. As a result, we've disabled it, in the hope that we can encourage more people to give feedback to the poets. So, now you can have your say without tripping over any words.

Have a good week.

Martin. (Clare is currently on holiday in the USA)