Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday Review

This week has had a distinctly familial feel to it, in that most of the poems are rooted in shared relationships, whether intimate, or in the broadest context of humanity.  David Francis Barker started it with Descent, a tribute to Jacob Bronowski with a link to photographs published by the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum in Poland. And, from the evil of the Holocaust, Barbara Gabriel led us to the Horn of Africa, where Dedicated Indifference has resulted in starving people being failed by aid agencies and regional government.

But money doesn't always provide an answer, as Lavinia Kumar made clear, with her story of Huguette Clark. The Reluctant Heiress left an estate with an estimated value of £254.4 million. But that amount wouldn't buy a plaster to stick on the ailing NHS. Mike Richardson's Schrödinger Proposes a bill ponders the fate of the patient, which may well be alive and/or dead.

In a world away from science, it was a Piers Morgan interview with Dennis Waterman, that drew an admission from the actor, that he had beaten his former wife. And, on Friday Abigail Wyatt's Love Story spotlighted the emotional and physical pain of domestic abuse.

At the end of the week, Wendy Nicholson's reflective, Into the Void, brought the tragic loss of young lives to the fore, as memorial services were held in the wake of the Swiss coach crash that claimed 28 lives in total.

* * *

I'm ending this review with yet another call for poems. As I mentioned, earlier in the week, I have only a handful for consideration at the moment. We don't want to let the barrel run dry now, do we?

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Have a great week.