Saturday, 31 March 2012

Strange Behaviour

We said we would sort out the country's money;
Cut deficits but not the NHS -
Yet people think we're up to something funny
When chums of ours are taxed a little less.

We gave the proles advice on how to forage,
And how to fill a British jerry-can
For purposes of prudent petrol storage -
And then they all went crazy, to a man.

We said "emergency" and "COBRA meeting" -
The poor benighted creatures rushed about.
Could they not see that it was self-defeating?
Why could their chauffeurs not sort something out?

We do not wish the proles to think us nasty
As we deposit millions on the dump;
But why do they complain of their cold pasty
And flock in panic to the petrol pump?

© Philip Challinor

Panic-buying of fuel continues despite prospect of peace talks
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