Monday, 20 February 2012

Workfare Makes You Free

Remember the old days?
Where you gave them the dignity
Of shaving their heads
And issuing striped uniforms?

And then there was the expense
Of building the huts
To keep them all in with their typhoid
It's great to know things have changed!

Remember the old days?
When companies in secrecy
Were allowed profiteering
And everyone looked the other way?

Today we face the weather
And fear if things were worst still
That our glorious opposition
Would invoke the spirit of Churchill
By knowing it was going on
But doing nothing to stop this

I think of the future days
Unlikely people in police raids
For writing a novel denying today had happened
"Police are searching for a gang
That in broad daylight yesterday
Sawed up the sign from 'Tesco's'
Put it into a van and drove away..."

© Aaron Murdoch

Tesco drops 'job for benefits' ad
Aaron Murdoch performs poetry around Liverpool and Wirral. He is unemployed, but looking into becoming "self employed" when his first collection "Twenty From Ten" will be published around May by lastbenchpress.