Saturday, 4 February 2012

Spoiled Sport

Riots Rage at the Kick of Pig Skin

the space between
middle eastern goal posts
is combustible
flames rise higher then
religions reach
Allah ashamed
turns off the television
as the pitch is torn to shreds
and the supporters revel in chaos
the final tally of this competition
regardless of the score
left injured or dead
will always be
a draw.

© Joshua Baumgarten

Egyptian health ministry: 74 dead, hundreds injured in soccer riots
Joshua Baumgarten is an ex-pat New Yorker living in Holland. He organises the Irrational Library evenings - nights of poetry, rock n roll and casual chaos, and performs as a Standup Spoken Word artist.


freedom reigned in the Arab Spring,
as the government fell,
no news from Egypt,
the revolution quietly advances,
until riots and deaths at a soccer match,
the europeanizing of Egypt  almost complete.

© Douglas Polk

Egypt mourns soccer riot victims; thousands march in Cairo
Douglas is a poet from Nebraska. He has published three books of poetry; In My Defense, The Defense Rests, and On Appeal.