Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Pot Slams Kettle for Veto

America beat a long winding path to my door;
a path she had travelled many times before.
Her concern seemed genuine as she angrily cried,
they have used their veto when people have died,
I urge you as a poet to join me in condemnation,
please spread the word to the whole global nation.

My eyes took in her warm and red dripping hands;
then her accompaniment of brass marching bands;
cheerleaders, drones and starry eyed false flags,
trampling on the vintage of liberty's tattered rags;
the Founding Fathers muffled in Manning's padded cell;
Lincoln  ACTA'ed offline for file sharing warnings of hell.

Glancing along the crooked path to the place where she stood,
the poets eye saw every soggy mile soaked with innocent blood

©  @thePoetGeo

Why did Russia veto the UN Security Council resolution on Syria?
@thePoetGeo is a semi retired Zeppelin builder with the New Model Army.