Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Palliative Care

Detoxified by Dave, we shall sort out
The NHS; we're trusted one and all.
GPs support us; here's what we're about...
Oh dear! I took my eye from off the ball!

Well, anyway, the nurses are still with us,
Which certainly should make opponents think.
Peril attends the one who halts or dithers...
Oh dear! It seems we were the first to blink!

The BMA is solid and supportive.
With them on board we shall not soon be stopped.
All further trouble now should be abortive...
Oh dear, this ball! So big and yet so dropped!

But I am safe where trouble cannot find me:
Career in rudest health, for I have got
The PM and his Bullingdons behind me...
Good heavens! I've been taken out and shot!

© Philip Challinor

Cameron should scrap NHS bill and drop Lansley, says influential Tory blog
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