Monday, 6 February 2012

No one wants racism, do they?

No one wants racism, do they?
No one wants ignorance, hatred, bigotry;
we’ve come too far, surely, for that.
But what about justice and the power of a press
that can, if it wants to, distort it;
that can bend and contort its principles
into what is ignoble and grotesque?
And what about the justice
and right-mindedness of those
who peddle their opinions on television,
who trumpet 'liberal values'
but turn down the volume
when it comes to ‘reasonable doubt’?
If we cannot know the truth of a thing,
should we not hold our judgement in abeyance?
Or does the launching of a witch-hunt imply,
ipso facto, the presence of a witch?

©  Abigail Wyatt

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Abigail publishes poetry and short fiction.  She lives in Redruth, Cornwall and performs her work at the Melting Pot, Krowji, The Unplugged Chameleon, St Ives, and The Be Spoken Word in Penzance.