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Friday, 10 February 2012


They are here...the invaders
Cresting the moors...breasting the waves
They stand in ranks
Metal...pinnacles of gleaming grandeur
Sails, etched sharp against sky's blue,
Turn gently like sci-fi sycamore seeds
Their mission? Domination? Destruction?
Peacefully, serenely, they harness the wind
Energising our our lives

Why then are they mistrusted?
Maligned, ugly, wasteful, inefficient...
They must be banned, banished, toppled!
Sign this their overthrow...
While I have your attention,
Please make a small donation
To save our historic windmill
Faithfully creaking out our daily bread
These past four hundred years.

© Peter Flint

Why Tory MPs opposition to wind power will put your energy bill up
Peter is 77, belongs to Rossington Writers' Group, Doncaster, and writes short stories and poems  for his grandchildren. He taught for forty years...mainly English. 

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  1. You know what, Peter, I have to agree. I personally think wind turbines look quite graceful, even beautiful in a way at times. I personally don’t feel the hatred that they inspire in some people. But then, I don’t have one in the back garden. There is a wind farm off the coast of Clacton near Colchester, though. Some people with a sea view object that it’s an eyesore, although I have to say it’s a marked improvement on the amusement park bristling up from the pier. Or the cargo ships. Or the stomach-churning state of the sea itself. And it’s something to look at while you’re eating your ice-cream.

    I’ll put my hard-hat on now and brace for the barrage . . .