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Thursday, 2 February 2012


I am Dauntless
on routine deployment
to the South Atlantic
I am supersonic
listen to the hiss
of my sea vipers

I am costly
one billion pounds
of type 45 destroyer
on a seven month patrol
listen to the hum
of my air defence system

I am deadly
a cricket ball
travelling three times
the speed of sound
I will shoot
from the sky

I am a deterrent
with game changing
I prevent any
foolish nonsense
or unwanted aggression

I am your comforter
these islanders want
to remain British
and any oil or gas
found in these waters
will be British too.

©  David Subacchi

Destroyer sets sail for Falklands to head off any 'foolish nonsense'
David Subacchi is a civil servant who has been writing poetry seriously for just over a year. He hopes to publish his first English collection in 2012.


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  2. Brilliant poem David. It's wonderful how they use the argument "These islanders want to remain British" when it's minerals they are after. They could have made millionaires of every Falkland islander, brought them to the UK and saved Britain trillions upon countless trillions, all for a piece of volcanic rock 8,000 miles away, from which only the elitist mineral speculators will benefit.

  3. Thanks very much for your comments The Goss and glad you liked it. The poem can be read two ways really - it isn't necessarily having a go at Dauntless and its crew. When Dauntless 'says' I am your comforter - perhaps she is speaking to all of us?

    David Subacchi