Thursday, 23 February 2012

Boom and Bust

We Irish were lowly,
mystic and holy,
warm hearted, deprived but condemned to stay poor
then to our delight,
(and it seemed overnight),
everything changed with our future secure

old farmer Kelly found gold in a bucket
when digging up taties quite close to the dell
he said he had followed the end of a rainbow
and discovered the bounty, that’s all he would tell

folk thought it fantastic
became quite sarcastic
when his fields sprouted houses American style
and he lived in a palace
‘It’s becomin’ like Dallas!’
cried neighbouring farmers - but then in a while

they too began sowin’
the crop that was showin’
the way to get rich buildin’ houses real fine
even dingles were sold
with fields that were old
where our grandaddies farmed in time out of mind

who would have guessed
that folk would invest
so madly and badly in Irish affairs
the money was flowin’
and everyone goin’
to parties and spendin’ like millionaires

T’was nice while it lasted
but the boom it was blasted
away with the fairies and the bucket of gold
it was quick it was brutal
protestin’ was futile
old Ireland’s collapse was a sight to behold

with finances depleted
estates half-completed
we’re left just as poor and deprived as before
but the truth’s in the tellin’
I’m glad all that sellin’
is over for we are true Paddies once more.

©  Wendy Nicholson

Ireland at the end of the road
Wendy is an ecologist studying animals and plants but likes painting, and writing all kinds of poetry.