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Saturday, 25 February 2012

A Lullaby for Our Troubled Times

Hush a bye baby,
in the cradle of democracy:
when the wind blows
the cradle will quake.
Hush a bye, hush a bye;
though Daddy croons a lullaby;
when the bough bends,
it’ll shake us awake.

Hush a bye baby,
we’re living with plutocracy:
capital is cool, and all
the rich are on the make.
Hush a bye, hush a bye:
we close our eyes and let it lie.
When the bough falls,
will we see our mistake?

©  Abigail Wyatt

Greece Passes Austerity Bill As Riots Spread
Abigail publishes poetry and short fiction.  She lives in Redruth, Cornwall and performs her work at the Melting Pot, Krowji, The Unplugged Chameleon, St Ives, and The Be Spoken Word in Penzance.


  1. Good poetry, this should be a wake up call! We have to be good and quiet do what they say, otherwise the plutocracy brings more of their democracy!

  2. Thank you for your positive comments. I will be adding this one to my set at my next reading.