Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Warning Lights

When I was a skinny lad
all dressed up in country garb,
mother said that to see
the northern lights was a bad sign,
a harbinger of crisis–
an impending world war.
So, don't expect to find me outside tonight
among that swelling shivering host,
all you stargazer's gawping goggle-eyed,
straining your unaccustomed necks
for the sake of the unforgiving sky.
Nor will you find me
wishing on a streaking star
because I remember Diana's comet,
how we all changed from stiff upper lip
to chuckers of flowers.
No, don't expect to see me
tutting at those shifting shimmering lights
that light up your gleeful eyes.
I'll be packing my bags
and heading for the hills
and nothing will be spared,
no sentiment, please.
I remember last year's
economic hors d'oeuvre;
I'm checking out before the main course

© David Francis Barker

Aurora Borealis displays predicted for north of UK

David likes to write poems and prose and paint in oil and acrylic. http://francisbarkerart.com/