Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Devil’s own

Incubus and succubus, Satan, Uncle Sam,
innocents, and murder, babies in a pram,
gremlin, homunculus, and impish leprechaun,
Herod of Judea, slaughter of newborn.

Medusa, a serpent, dragoness of dread,
hissing, dismissing, pissing on the dead,
smoke from its nose, flames at its tongue
forked with duplicity, sing the old song.

Beelzebub, Prince of Lies, some things don’t wash,
Hell for Iraqis, Hieronymus Bosch,
heaven for soldiers, the patriot’s game,
washed clean, renewed, absolved of all blame.

©  John Goss

U.S. Marine at Haditha massacre court martial will serve ZERO jail time

Eyewitness report which inspired the poem

John Goss has a BSocSc degree in International Studies, and an MLitt in English, both from the
University of Birmingham. His first volume of poems, Borborygmi of the brain (1991) is out of