Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sunday Review

What better way to start the new year than with a rash of new contributors and our usual eclectic range of subject matter?

First up was Gwen Seabourne, waxing lyrical on the subject of public health with Market Miasma - and coining my favourite new word of the year: 'uncommonwealthy'.  Then Jane Slavin offered us a pox on all our parties with Proud parents of the unvaccinated Americans, and another great new word: 'lollipox'.

Another new face on Poetry24, Peter Flint reminded us that it is indeed a Small World and that as we bin our Christmas leftovers, 'It's not far...' to where people are still starving.

Wednesday saw a beautifully visual obituary St Trinian's creator To Ronald Searle from Philip Challinor who mourns the passing of his 'witchery of pen and ink'.  Happily Philip continues to offer plenty a 'delicately poisoned line' himself.

Meanwhile, things are hotting up in the Republican presidential nominations. Joshua Baumgarten's 'Oh, Iowa' took a visceral look at the unfolding theatre of the Iowa Caucus and Lavinia Kumar warned us that The bully is coming...

I meant to ask readers last week what their favourite or most memorable poem of the year on Poetry24 was? We'd be keen to hear your thoughts...

Keep writing!