Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday Review

We've had many war poems over the last year, but a couple this week hinted at the threat of wars to come: Lavinia Kumar believes the troubles in Syria are reaching 'Epidemic Proportions'; David Francis Barker's 'Meeting Madness' watches the tick of the Doomsday Clock towards nuclear war, and  Chris Lawrence returns attention to the South Atlantic with 'Malvinas'. With the ghosts of the Coventry, the Sheffield and the Belgrano still stirring up sediment, David Subacchi reminded us yesterday that Big Ships Still Sink, as this weeks events off the coast of Italy have shown.

'Every morning the news is grim' writes new contributor Abigail Wyatt, offering us a moment of respite with 'Crow goes viral' ... unless you're one of @thePoetGeo's 'The New Luddites' who think all this internet social networking is rotting your brain.

Talking of going viral, we are very close now to Poetry24's first anniversary. What shall we do to celebrate? For starters, we'd love you to cast your mind back over the year (or as long as you've been visiting) and let us know which poems really added something to a story in the news, which lines stuck in your mind, made you look at things in a different way. Which poems made you laugh or cry?

Oh, and keep sending all of the above!