Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday Review

I'm not absolutely sure how many times Philip Challinor has got our week off to a flying start, but his poem, Tw*t will have struck a chord with many parents and pupils, preoccupied with thoughts of where Michael Gove's cost-cutting axe might fall next.

Hamish Mack's aptly named Bridging managed to span two relevant news items. Originally inspired by the news that no search was planned for a woman seen jumping off a bridge, following an argument, the poem could so easily have been linked to another story. Before opening the link in Hamish's submission, Clare was convinced the poem was about a story she had just read about, here.

Charlene Langfur's poem, Death of an Infantryman, about another young soldier killed in Afghanistan, takes on extra poignancy when we learn that Garrett A. Fant had longed to be in the Army from an early age. He joked about the significance of his name. As the Los Angeles Times put it, "You can't have an infantry without F-A-N-T."

Newcomer, Cathy Bryant, gave us The Reason, relating the daily plight of the UKs poorest families, as they struggle to make ends meet in the current economic climate.

On Friday, Lavinia Kumar's Dance for Me raised the issue of exploitation in the Andaman Islands, as young girls are ordered to dance for food, for the benefit of tourists. And in a week when France lost its AAA credit rating, a town in the west of the country has banned the word "mademoiselle" in the name of equality. David Francis Barker was quick to respond with The M word.

Never consciously aware of using an incorrect honorific, Mr M Hodges and Ms Clare Kirwan respectfully invite you to continue sending your news-related poems for consideration.