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Friday, 6 January 2012

Small World

It's not far to the wheely-bin
Almost full...
The half-eaten turkey
That pork-pie...lurking at the back of the fridge
Long past its eat-by date...
It's not far to the corner-shop
The loaf of bread...the chocolate
To munch while watching the telly
It' s not far to the supermarket
With siren ranks of goodies
Each with its low-fat absolution
It's not far to that little pub
Lovely village...great food...atmosphere
Only an hour down the motorway
It's not far to...Florida...Thailand...Tenerife
Superb hotel...five restaurants...all-day service
It's not far to the dusty, sun-cursed square
Where swollen-bellied babies
Scrabble in the dirt for grains of corn...
Small world!

© Peter Flint

Minister tells us to give more money to charity... 

Peter is 77, belongs to Rossington Writers' Group, Doncaster and writes short stories and poems  for his grandkids. He taught for forty years...mainly English and says: 'I'm not J.K. Rowling.' 


  1. That is excellent, we take far too much for granted and expect rights we don't necessarily take responsibility for.
    Thank you for the pricking conscience. I hope you don't mind but I have linked my blog to this as your poem fits so well with another artist and a message she is trying to promote.

  2. Peter. Thank you for this one.
    i, too, love writing poetry, and your blog was pointed out to me because I wrote a poem about supermarket - fuelled waste.
    my name is John Ellerton, I live in Bracknell, Berks
    My blog site is Johnell74.wordpress.com
    Thanks for this poem, Peter