Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Proud parents of the unvaccinated Americans

We, the proud parents,
invite you and your little ones
to the party.

Bring nothing with you,
just an open mind, a few dollars
and the belief in your right to do right by your kids.

We’ll supply lollipox for licking,
saliva-saturated sweet things
for tiny tongues to rasp, grasp and grow warm.

Gob-stoppers.  Got ‘em, too.
Sugar-coated, ready to blister bodies,
tainted tissues to blow and inhale.

Big government, big business.
Is the real virus we’re fighting,
the candy that can kill.

Ours saves you from them.
Screw their warnings,
this noxious nanny-ism.

We, the proud parents of the unvaccinated,
with antibodies
will overcome this anti-American plague.

© Jane Slavin

Chicken Pox parties do more harm than good, says doctor
Jane is a former journalist, now council press officer, living in Plymouth. In her spare time, she is falling in love with words again by making her own stuff up!