Thursday, 5 January 2012

Oh, Iowa

Oh Iowa,
I shed a tear for you.

How do you tolerate all the
men in collared shirts and sweater vests,
polished SUV’s and perfectly combed hair
clogging the streets of Mason and Sioux City
with CNN fatty acid news feeds of politicians
spewing cholesterol filled slogans,
slinging hollowed out hot dog promises?

Oh Iowa,
you are the
artery choked heartland of a country in coronary arrest.
Your commonplace street corners over run by
wide eyed crusaders calling out for your right wing conservative votes.
Proclaiming the need to put God back in the White House and every other house
where men and women with perfect sparkling white teeth proclaim that belief belongs.

Oh Iowa,
bologna on white bread miracle whip
ancestors of Anglo Saxon immigrants
home to the Amish, the Quakers, the Mennonites
the German Pietists and Transcendental Meditationists.
In the name of Slipknot we call out to you,
death metal citizens of Davenport, Sioux City and Waterloo.

Oh Iowa,
Des Moines, safe and sanctity
capital city
overrun and pillaged by spin doctors
spitting out false prescriptions for healthcare,
painted faced politicians
fevered and frothing with sound bites
reporters roaming rabid dog expectations
swing votes like small prey
making them anxious
heating their loins.

Oh Iowa,
how do you handle it with such poise
When the devils come dancing down the corn rows?

© Joshua Baumgarten

Transcript of CNN preview coverage        
Romney narrowly wins Iowa race
Joshua Baumgarten is an ex-pat New Yorker living in Holland. He organises the Irrational Library evenings - nights of poetry, rock n roll and casual chaos, and performs as a Standup Spoken Word artist.