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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Meeting Madness

Fifty years ago this year
two men knew the score–
that there could be no winner
in a nuclear war

And now the clock
has clunked forward
another big minute, 
we're sliding relentlessly
to meet our madness
face to face, once more.
Everyone knows in their heart,
from a starving child
to the bed ridden lady
with her card from the queen,
what that midnight hour
truly means

Back in '62, just two men,
cleft from each other
and the rest of humanity,
sat shaking on opposite sides
of a disbelieving world,
both with enough courage,
enough wisdom,
to step back,
to think about the children–
to acknowledge that
we are all human, first.
Their own lives were done for
but ours were saved

Look around,
please look around right now–
for the courage, the wisdom.
You may hope it is there,
that so-called leaders will talk
before giving in to war,
that test bans are withheld,
but you can hear the voices,
whispers which haunt
the savage winds
and they are worth repeating:

Fifty years ago this year
two men knew the score–
that there could be no winner
in a nuclear war.

© David Francis Barker

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  1. And what bothers me, David, is the lies about Iran moving towards manufacturing nuclear weapons, from countries whose nuclear arsenals have been multiplying at a rate of knots.

  2. Yes, indeed. One line has stuck with me from a song from way back when, when I was kid, '...politics that would and kill..' Lost in a Lost World, a Mike Pindar song from the Moody Blues. We seemingly can't survive without politics. Many don't survive with it, either.