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Monday, 2 January 2012

Market Miasma

Re-enter the Barbour surgeon,
Well-heeled barbarian,
Prescriber of cures for cohesion,
Clystering hope,
Swaddling conscience with cunning,
Humouring markets,
Indulging bled patients with the choice
Of being
Those who pay or
Those who pray.

© Gwen Seabourne

Plan to let NHS trusts raise half of income from private healthcare
Gwen Seabourne is an academic specialising in medieval legal history, who has also published poems and stories in magazines and books, and on the radio, and has read at events including the Bristol International Poetry Festival.


  1. Being older than you youngsters on this blog I can remember when everybody got free healthcare as part of the NHS service - that included free dentistry and free prescriptions. It was also a time when students got a grant (not a loan) to go to university. I know because I got one too. What has happened? Where have all our NHS contributions gone? Getting rid of top-heavy management might be one area to claim some NHS medical resources back. But that is not the direction we are being taken. And privatisation will mean more misery for many and luxury for the indolent rich. Nice one, Gwen!