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Friday, 20 January 2012


Cameron's colonial clamor
raising an issue
with significant noise
to drown the thunder out,
Islas De Malvinas,
islands that remain a
tentative thread
from an arrogant past,
not the people the
huddled few,
but oil and gas,
we will plunder maybe
avoid a war,
yet a regressive pain lingers
we have been there
once before,
human cost to be
not the fluctuation
of commodity.

©  Chris Lawrence

Falkland Islands Oil Could Triple U.K. Reserves

Chris Lawrence lives with his muse in West Kirby and writes, having been published in many journals internationally and can be found at: Clawfish


  1. Excellent words Chris although I would take issue with ‘colonial clamour’ and ‘arrogant past.’

    There is controversy surrounding who ‘discovered’ the Falkland Islands – probably the Dutch - and created the first settlement there - although it is most probably the French.

    The Spanish certainly ‘discovered’ Argentina and established settlements there and certainly they have claimed rights to the Islas De Malvinas – your wording here would suggest you accept they have sovereignty?

    Is it not the case that both North and South America existed before being ‘discovered’ by Europeans and the indigenous people has been conveniently forgotten about?

    Would you have all these countries returned to the indigenous people to appease our ‘arrogant past’ or merely the Falkland Islands to Argentina? Do you regard Britain as the only guilty party here?

    I would agree that the ‘huddled few’ who exist in the Falklands may be of little interest to Cameron et al in relation to oil and gas, nevertheless I feel he is offering an olive branch to Argentina in that they work together.

    It is true that Argentina has little interest in the huddled few too as the President has said that Britain is taking ‘her countries’ resources – so who are the bad buggers here?

    Perhaps I have misunderstood your fine words Chris – but as said your wording of ‘Islas De Malvinas’ would suggest where your sympathies lie?

    This is not a 'troll' comment, merely an attempt to engage in conversation re points raised - and surely Poetry 24 is the arena for this - for if not - why would we put our thoughts in writing?

    Anna :o]

  2. Nicely crafted piece Chris; the opening alliterative line grabs the reader’s attention immediately. Everyone is entitled to their views and may express them as they please, including poetry; however, it would depend perhaps on who your readers are. Calling The Falkland Islands Malvinas may offend those who fought and lost loved ones in their defence.