Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Epidemic Proportions

Swine flu when it came to our world was distressful,
a worry over deaths and disgust of smelly pigs,
but in Syria five thousand dead is not dreadful.

Because it is a civil war, it is just willful,
it's not a bad disease – just a very different gig –
while swine flu pushed us to fear and was distressful.

Now Assad thinks his people are a tad fretful
and needs weighty soldiers to carry nasty sticks
and guns, since he thinks many dead is not dreadful.

He’s simply removing a freedom din, and careful
to kill only active citizens who throw bricks,
till how Swine flu spreads fevers seems almost graceful,

as Assad sucks the air from those who are youthful.
It’s the Mideast where deaths are a must link to spring
but the Syrian deaths are shoddier than dreadful,

and so amnesty to those still alive, seems artful.
You’d think we’d all be there with a shout and a kick –
but our flu is more close-to-home personal
while Syrian deaths are from a distance just dreadful.

© Lavinia Kumar

Syria offers second amnesty to anti-regime protesters
Lavinia Kumar lives in New Jersey. Her family includes a variety of cultures and immigrants. Her poetry has appeared in Waterways, Thatchwork (Delaware Valley Poets), Orbis, US1 Worksheets, and more.