Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Death of an Infantryman

Blue sky, grey war.
A land mine explosion in the snowy mountains,
high altitude, Afghanistan, on the Pakistani border,
no order here, only a single bomb
without warning, in early morning.
An unexpected death. His name was Garrett, an Army SPC
on routine patrol. It was his role.
He wanted to teach history, climb mountains, live long.
His death is listed under Military Deaths, the LOS ANGELES TIMES,
four columns of prose, what to know of him in a season of awakenings,
of rebirth, a few good words to keep the old war's harms
at bay maybe. It is the only way with this war, a war almost over
but never done, a conundrum, a no-news war, a no-reasons war,
still lethal, still real, still there, the ten-years-in war, in the wild hills,
no frills, with high up all-over-it, with cold that never grows old,
with its scrub pine, with its thistlely greens
with its little in betweens, sticks and pebbles frozen tight
all right, on the icy road home, the old war still young,
another soldier gone.

© Charlene Langfur

Garrett A. Fant dies at 21
Charlene is an organic gardener and a graduate of the S.U. graduate writing program.