Friday, 13 January 2012

Dance for me

The One Percent are on a trip to rare places
having already traveled to the typical,
and we see them set out to Andaman Islands,
a land of drongo, teepie, unique animals –
serpent-eagle, scoops-owl – guarded on an island
surrounded by tropical seas. But these tourists
came to feed bananas to new forest monkeys,
women, slaves forced to dance naked for caravans
of men as they take spicy video for home,
these moneyed beasts of prey who voyaged posh
and long miles to capture carnal fantasies,
bare breasts of young girls who are not their own naked
daughters paraded for dollars in their panties.

© Lavinia Kumar

Andaman Islands tribe threatened by lure of mass tourism

Lavinia Kumar lives in New Jersey. Her family includes a variety of cultures and immigrants. Her poetry has appeared in Waterways, Thatchwork (Delaware Valley Poets), Orbis, US1 Worksheets, and more.