Thursday, 8 December 2011

Whatever Happened To The Heroes?

In ‘77 The Stranglers asked

Whatever happened to the heroes?

The same year Robert Di Niro was asking

“You talkin’ to me”?

Then punk kicked off and its attitude reflected

The disaffected, the rejected, the disrespected

Who wanted the freedom to choose to do

What they want to do

When they want to do it

When that freedom of choice found its voice

You couldn’t ignore it

But then rebellion became a target market

Fast forward to today - Whatever happened to the heroes?

Johnny Rotten seems to have forgotten

He was once the clown prince of punk

And since he’s sunk in my estimation

Straight to the gutter

Nowt better to do than advertising butter

Nevermind the Bollocks!

Whatever happened to the heroes?

Well Joe Strummer’s dead, Tony Wilson’s dead

Joey Ramone’s dead, Kurt Vonnegut’s dead

So it goes

There’s no more heroes


A punk in attitude only standing lonely

Leonard Cohen’s still going

But who’ll replace him

That won’t sink but swim

For me the outlook’s looking grim

Now I’ve got my own mind

I don’t need anyone to follow

And I’d like a John Lydon

But I’m just stuck with Bono

© Kieren King

Twitter - @mankygitt

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