Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sunday Review

Every time it's starting to look like we've got slim pickings in the pot (I'm mixing my metaphors here) our contributors come up trumps!

This week James Schwarz: Of Bergholz Bondage gave us a cutting poem on the dark side of a particular Amish community and Philip Challinor was back with his customary wit and wordplay with a well-deserved swipe at James Murdoch in his poem about phone-hacking: This Just In.  Sadly, it isn't just Murdoch who wants "To keep the power and outsource the pain". 

We had poems from two new contributors: @ThePoetGeo's acerbic 'Go Compare' on the thin line between the so-called comical and the so-called criminal, and David Subacchi's thoughtful poem about the public sector Strike in the UK this week, which reminded us of the journey the British worker has been on.

Colin Watts was out on the streets, too, with his world-weary but uplifting A Sunday Outing - a poem about the new Occupy Liverpool protest set up under the disapproving  gaze of the ghost of Wellington.  Ghosts were on the menu on again when, in a change to his usual poems, John Goss brought us Ghost of a hungry Hobbit an affecting sonnet about a little cafe being forced to change it's name by the corporation that 'owns' Tolkein's characters. 

Warning:  Poetry24 could become Hobbit-forming!

Have a great week, and keep those poems coming