Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sunday Review

As ever this week, we've dipped into: the cultural - Lavinia Kumar on the perils of allowing women to drive cars (whatever next?) in  MF-LGBT Car; the scientific -  with David Caruso's Earth-like planets; the military - with Then Conquer We Must by Philip Challinor; the trivial - with my own  Observations on televised reality; and the political (poetry political, that is) -with Gabrielle Brydon's Making a Stand

As Gabrielle says in her poem:
but making headlines - 
must be good
for poets and poetry

Let's hope headlines are good for making poetry too - so yes, blow whistles, blow as John Goss says in Blow for Bradley Manning on the American soldier at the centre of the WikiLeaks revelations.

We've something very special coming up this week, so keep visiting!

Have a great week