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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Kim Jong-un is Any Son

Kim Jong-un was a child once,

looking to Jong-il as a son

looks to a father.

Kim Jong-un was a child once,

filled with the innocence of age.

All of the same form,

earth born and bound,

nothing more,

or less,


as any child.

© Mark William Jackson

'Great successor' visits body of Kim Jong-il
Mark William Jackson is a Sydney based poet whose work has appeared in various print and online journals including; Best Australian Poems 2011, Popshot (UK), Going Down Swinging, Cordite, Blue Crow and SpeedPoets.


  1. Adults always tend to forget they were kids once.

    I've followed this topic with much concern, so thanks for this angle to ponder, Mark.

  2. I like the concise style you have used for this one, Mark.

  3. a great torch to light some dark corners we have when we consider such topics..