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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Go Compare

Q. When is a joke not a joke?
A. When it's about smashing windows
in front of the press
and aimed at rioters
on a private Facebook group
and gets you four years.

Q. When is a joke a joke?
A. When it's about shooting parents
in front their children
and aimed at millions
on prime time national TV
and gets you a Prime Ministerial apology.

When does UK law show its true colors to become a sick joke?
When it only accepts the apology of the rich and powerful bloke.

© @ThePoetGeo

Facebook riot calls earn men four-year jail terms amid sentencing outcry

Jeremy Clarkson was only being silly, says David Cameron


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  1. There have always been dual standards in society which favour the rich. One law for them, and one for us. Particularly disturbing is how neocons in this country, like Hague, Osborne, Fox can plot war on Iran and Syria without it ever getting into the mainstream press. I don't believe in incitement to rioting, but it's true that the sentences were absolutely disproportionate to the crime (joke). Clarkson is a nasty piece of work!

  2. I can’t abide Clarkson, but the BBC should shoulder some of the blame for agreeing in advance that he would say something inflammatory. It did the trick though, by making sure the comment got endlessly repeated and discussed, thus burying the real bad news of that and the following days.