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Friday, 2 December 2011

Ghost of a hungry Hobbit

The ghost of Bilbo Baggins prowls Hall Green,
Wake Green Road and even Moseley Bog,
local rumours claim his spirit has been seen
elsewhere; not unlikely since he was a dog.
All his life he answered to his Baggins name
and took it with him to his doggy grave.
Today his life would not have been the same,
since now there is a battle on to save
The Hungry Hobbit, a little sandwich-bar,
the cafe-sign of which proudly displays
our local heritage; since it’s not that far
from where Tolkien spent his boyhood days.
Any name-change is down to corporate greed
(if lawyers get their way from SZC)
but quietly ask the question who will feed
the hungry Hobbit, Baggins’ ghost, and me?

© John Goss

Hungry Hobbit cafe told to change name
John Goss has a degree in International Studies from the University of Birmingham. He is a lyricist and playwright. Here's the Facebook page to save the Hungry Hobbit .


  1. Good stuff, John.

  2. Love it! Nice rhythm and rhyme, and reads very naturally too. Good luck to all hobbit-named places.

  3. Great poem Mr Goss.

    I posted your poem alongside the petition on a group page of mine Paul, I hope you are ok with that. I will of course take it off if you wish.