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Saturday, 31 December 2011


A woman held a crucifix up
against a flaming sky
they said she was a nuisance
out to cause us harm
but they put her on the front page
the day they cleared Dale Farm

The bailiffs dressed in blue
police in yellow and black
with clubs and shields
they crossed the fields
the day they cleared Dale Farm

Then I saw a child in tears
at a home torn full of holes
and people chained
to scaffolding poles
the day they cleared Dale Farm

And I turned away in sorrow
with something burning inside
as power and force
took hope by the arm
the day they cleared Dale Farm

© David Subacchi

Best pictures of the year 2011– dramatic eviction at Dale Farm
David Subacchi is a civil servant who has been writing poetry seriously for just over a year. He hopes to publish his first English collection in 2012.

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