Friday, 30 December 2011

Above the law

What happened to the Magna Carta?
What happened to the rule of law?
While David Kelly is a martyr,
habeas corpus is no more.
Attorney Generals are the culprits
they flout United Nations’ law,
and from their House of Commons’ pulpits
take our country into war.

About the death of David Kelly,
What should anyone believe?
Not the “Commons” on the tele’
the Right Dishonourable Grieve,
who smugly told compliant Members
no inquest ever for our ears;
trusts that nobody remembers
in seventy unforgiving years.

Goldsmith shunned the resolution
turned to war, and, Holy Cow,
Grieve maintained the evolution,
the two are holier than Thou!
Attorney Generals are mighty,
and don’t you think the matter odd
pretending they are God Almighty,
when Gus O’Donnell’s known as God.

© John Goss

Decision not to hold David Kelly inquest was 'unlawful'

John Goss has a degree in International Studies from the University of Birmingham. He is a lyricist and playwright.