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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Would Natalie?

Would Natalie, who feared the water, dark and deep,
Foreshadowing, perhaps, the waves where she would sleep,
Not think, not worry, as she set foot on her boat
(So bundled up against the wind, in her down coat)
Enough to place her bony fingers on her glass,
And when refills were offered by the men, to say, "I'll pass"?

© Kat Mortensen

Natalie Wood witness says she heard 'Help me, I'm drowning'
Kat is a Canadian poet, and the author of 'Shadowstalking'. Currently, her poems can be read at Kat Mortensen Poetry


  1. Summed up beautifully. I’ve thought that before. If you fear you will die by drowning, why play into the hands of the gods?

  2. Thanks, Little Nell! I have long wondered at this. It's not that I don't think her death is tragic, but it's certainly one of those, "What was she thinking?" moments.