Monday, 14 November 2011

White Phosphorous

(A poem dedicated to Anna Hazare)

He led a battalion of hearts
taught them to beat as one
like the rhythm of the feet
of a million soldiers marching

His smile was their shield
His hunger strike their ammunition
His patriotism their zeal
His thoughts their direction

Strange it was to see a white bird of peace
Yell blood curling calls of Vande Mataram! 1
a clarion call for every Indian to saddle up
and blow amphibian corruption to smithereens

He sowed seeds of rightful participation
that grew into trees the very next day
trees that spewed fire not shade, assault not glade
on the immoral, unethical enemy brigade

Every kilo he lost was a shrapnel
searching and destroying the foe
his bayonet of truth made injustice thin
a waning, weakening spurious din

He was a seismic intruder
who stopped time in its track
a moral gunner, a quiet runner
with only word-grenades for attack

Now he is in every schoolboy’s satchel
every old man’s dream
he is sacrifice personified
he is a lighthouse in our times grim

He is white phosphorous
to the fraudulent and corrupt
burning malpractices, scalding dishonesty
exposing a malady to its very bones.

1.       A Sanskrit phrase meaning I salute my motherland!

© Vinita Agrawal

Note : when white phosphorous hits the skin of any living creature it burns it and continues to burn it until it has burned through the body. Water will not extinguish it.

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Vinita Agrawal is a freelance writer, researcher and poet from New Delhi, India and has been published many times in print and online journals.