Friday, 25 November 2011

The New Tyrant

Behind every revolution
stands the new tyrant.

The slogans shouted will one day
fall back into the same silence,
where anger is buried alive under fear.
The bright banners they wave
will shrink into more lying posters.

The hero riding the cheering people’s shoulders to the palace gates
will become a burden
when he drives past them in an armoured limousine,
and they stand to attention before the guards’ guns.

And the people?
The crowd swirling along the street,
more heads than pixels in a photograph,
will divide in half and half again,
until all the revolutionaries
could not fill a prison cell.

© Rosemary J. Collins

Egyptian protesters reject military's timetable for elections
Rosemary Collins is a gap year student whose dream is to be a writer. Her main interests are reading, writing and current affairs, especially human rights issues.