Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sunday Review

We started the week with a real life Hallowe'en horror of child exorcisms in the Congo with Anthony Baverstock's chilling 'The Exorcism'.  Later in the week we had another dose of religion-related abuse in the powerful 'Dumbstruck' from newcomer to Poetry24 Breda Wall Ryan. As she says, as poets we howl of unspeakable deeds,/ peel the skin off our tongues, /burn new adjectives.

But meanwhile it was the children doing the abuse to poor old Mother Earth in Jeremiah Walton's 'A Mother's Children'. But it was time to kiss and make up for those who were game on Wednesday with 'Do Ken and Ryu Cuddle After Fights?' from another first-time contributor Dominic Berry.

On Friday David Bateman offered us the jolly green The Gone-Green Gangrene Obscene Bluey Green Blues but I'm not sure there's any cure - not on the NHS anyway according to Shaun Parrin with his 'Letter Home'.

There has been a welcome rush of contributions after our recent shout out - but of course we still want your poems!

Have a great week