Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sunday Review

We started this week with a stinging piece from Philip Challinor. For Thine is the Corporation raised a question regarding eviction notices served on protesters outside St Paul's - moral dilemma, or just old fashioned religious hypocrisy?

No matter which way we turn in these troubled times, the upheaval in the Middle-East is never far away. Lavinia Kumar considered Syria's increasing isolation, with The Bloody Cobweb, while Rosemary Collins', The New Tyrant, reminded us that revolutions sometimes need to undergo secondary phases, before true regime change comes about.

In The Kuala Lumpa Games, John Goss reflected on the symbolic war crimes trial of George W. Bush and Tony Blair, taking place in the Malaysian capital. And, following the reopening of the investigation into the death of actress, Natalie Wood, Kat Mortensen asked, Would Natalie?

Yesterday we published True Britannia by newcomer to Poetry24, Dave Viney. His poem spotlights our relationship with customer services, here in the UK. Dave is appearing with Kieren King and Benny-Jo Zahl, at the Lowry Theatre, Manchester, in January, 2012.

Have a good week and, remember, it doesn't have to be a national or international headline story that prompts a poem. Keep an eye on your local newspaper, too.