Saturday, 5 November 2011

Letter Home

They promised the induced psychosis would pass
upon discharge but was only to be expected
like late-night night sweats
within the queuing bedlam 
tremors at that cold but very public loo
and mother-in-law bending yours.

Food is something else, as you can imagine.
At least there's no squabbling over the last morsel. 
You can pick at it and forget the diet.
Filmed I have been, a DVD to follow
£6.99 from you know who!
But I've no rights to something they call equity.
The bosses buns are rather tasty though!

I lay blame on that pin prick of a light
the "small sharp beam" onto the retina
you know, their tests.
Consenting restraint was used but to ill effect.
At least they've not lost some of their ancestry
and understand bared teeth.
Overhead lights only work half the time
what will my insurance have to say about that?

Will miss the bygone camaraderie
the austerity measure chats with the water cooler
because they've had to outsource
into a supply chain that can only deliver
tea and coffee every other thursday.
Above all, will miss the opportunity
not to sleep in solitude.  The logic of it.

Signing me out they are
next Thursday, the in between week.
I've been scenting the air of freedom
gets more defined with each days passing.
Looking forward to less of "it's all about my mother".
Will probably miss those articulate cable shows
as the laughter from some reveals
used to hurt you know down there. 
Not sure that cute doctor knows how to
tell the difference between colour let alone shape.

See you thursday... unless, of course, you see me first.

© Shaun Parrin

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Shaun is a non-professional award winning photographer and published writer.