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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Factoring in the Youth

Step up brave youth,
The government will provide, a chance for self expression.
Proving their conservative compassion.
And you want to be paid for that?

This is a heaven sent chance,
for you to make a start.
Learning about life and working
While we pay for lunch and a bus!

This is not about the government
or any industrial friends.
This is about at-risk-youth
and getting them back to work.

We are in favour of the choices We want people to make.
It's not for factory fodder or dropping coins into a cup
This a brave and arresting,
government mandated hand up!

© Hamish Mack

National to extend youth starting out wage
Hamish is a 51 year old New Zealander, married with 2 children. He has been writing poems for about 3 years, and has had a some published. He also blogs, at Light of Passage.

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