Monday, 7 November 2011

Already Occupied

Had the protestors only known, they might
have gone straight to the St Paul’s Boardroom
to find the trustees in session:

Dame Helen Alexander, DBE, deputy chair
of the CBI, director of Centrica plc, senior advisor
to Bain Capital: neutral on the grounds of her wide interests.

Lord Blair of Boughton,
former Metropolitan Police Commissioner:
neutral on the grounds of having been a copper.

John Harvey, inventor, entrepreneur,
First Vice President of the St. George’s Society
of New York: neutral on the grounds of being American.

Joyce Hytner OBE, theatre director:
neutral on the grounds of enjoying the dramatic irony
of the whole glorious debacle.

Gavin Ralston leading international asset manager
at Schroder Investment Management: neutral
on the grounds of investing overseas.

Carol Sergeant CBE, ex-Chief Risk Director at Lloyds
and similar post at the FSA: neutral
on the grounds of health and safety.

John Spence OBE, Former Managing Director,
Business Banking, LloydsTSB: neutral
on the grounds of having been a banker.

Once in there, they might have overturned the tables
and driven out the money lenders, emulating
Jesus’ only recorded act of violence.

Later, the trustees might have been found,
drunk and weeping, trying to thrust a camel
through the eye of Threadneedle Street.

© Colin Watts

Let's name those who may have decided to move #occupylondon on from St Paul's
Colin Watts is author of four collections of poems. He works in Adult Learning and is not a millionaire.