Monday, 28 November 2011

A Sunday Outing

On finding that, yesterday,
Liverpool had at last been occupied,
I took a poem down for the young people
camped on a small, stone plateau
outside St Georges Hall
beside Wellington’s column, topped
by a statue of the Iron Duke,
so-called because he barred his windows
against angry crowds urging
the parliamentary reforms
he strongly opposed. Don’t expect
much support from his ghost then.

My poem was a black bin-liner,
containing three woolly hats
in various sizes and colours,
two pairs of gloves, a pair
of thick socks, a once-white sheet
for banner-making, some more
black bin liners for rubbish
and two toilet rolls.

Bless them, they are so young,
so full of hope and courage.

© Colin Watts

Occupy Liverpool set up camp
Colin Watts is author of four collections of poems. He works in Adult Learning and is not a millionaire.