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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

When I look at you

 (The poem is dedicated to the braveheart hunger strikers of Tibet who went without food for 25 days in May 2011 and for seven days in October 2011 in protest against the Chinese illegitimate occupation of Tibet that was forcing young monks to self-immolate themselves. There have been 18 cases of monks setting themselves on fire and dying because the chinese rule does not allow them the freedom to practice their religion)

Photo: The poet along with two of the hunger strikers at the May hunger strike.

When I look at you
I see a mother weeping in a dark corner
a father squatting on a porch
a girl seeking the doorway
I see countless wounds bleeding again
I also see mountains trembling

When I look at you
I see men amongst people
heroes amongst men
saviours amongst heroes
I see brave hearts, I see hope
I see a dream coming back to life.

The Tsangpo is sweet by your promise
the mountains sturdy by your resolve
you are the coral of Tibet’s ruddy winds
the precious turquoise of its soil
the force of its snowy gales...
the balm on the lesions of torn people
You are doves of peace
bringing rest to a scattered million hearts
When I look at you - this is what I see.

© Vinita Agrawal

Self-immolation 'trend' at restive Tibetan monastery
Vinita Agrawal is a freelance writer, researcher and poet from New Delhi, India and has been published many times in print and online journals.


  1. There’s something very uplifting about this poem. It certainly leaves us with the feeling of hope rather than despair.

  2. Such a beautiful poem - brought tears to my eyes - thankyou Vinita

  3. Thank you Little Nell for seeing the hope in these words rather than the despair. It seems worthwhile to write this when I see it raising the hope and spirits of the readers. Thanks for your comment! Vinita Agrawal

  4. Thank you, gabriellebryden for your kind words. I am humbled that the poem could move you. Vinita

  5. Thank you John Goss for the appreciation! Vinita

  6. Sorry for the anonymous profile up there. I wasn't properly logged in.....the reply was mine alright!