Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sunday Review

Anyone who says poetry isn't a matter of life and death hasn't been reading Poetry24!
We highlighted National Poetry Day here in the UK with Jim Bennett's 'the protester' - which reminded us that poets living in repressive regimes (in this case Ayat al-Ghormezi in Bahrain) are in danger of their lives. Hopefully another new contributer, Zimbabwean Ross Cooper, need fear no such persecution 'In the Big City' in his new home.
And while the Human Rights Act was discussed in Britain in terms of a pet cat - see Philip Challinor's 'Party Colours' limerick - mounting tensions in the West Bank were disturbingly captured in Lavinia Kumar's 'New Women' fighting for the right to live their lives and keep their land and homes in Palestine.
Sometimes the simplest of scenes - in this case Katherine Lockton's 'The Grave Digger' hide visceral truths. This evocative poem links to a harrowing tale of the nameless, faceless dead in Kashmir.
But it was the death of a man with a familiar face and name that brought us the week's most uplifting poem: Helena Nolan's 'Instructions for Use' beautifully captures the essence of Steve Jobs' inspirational Stanford address (watch it on YouTube here). I'm sure you'll join Martin and I in congratulating Helena on being the winner of this year's prestigious Patrick Kavanagh Award.
Please keep sending your poems - on the 'terrible inconsistencies' Jobs spoke about perhaps? or whatever else strikes you in the news wherever you live.
Have a good week