Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sunday Review

Poetry24 has been publishing news-related poems for exactly 8 months, today. During this time, we have hardly missed a day thanks to the 78 poets, from around the globe, who have featured here at some point or other.

In recent weeks, the news stories have been relentless. Political scandals, financial crises, climatic catastrophes, and social upheaval. However, our steady flow of submissions has dried to a level that has prompted Clare and me to consider the future of the blog. It's a fun project that we both believe in and we will remain committed to it for as long as we are receiving quality submissions for publication.

We have decided to continue for the time being, in the hope that more material will come in, not in one gigantic flood, but on the back of news stories as they break. The poetry should, ideally, keep pace with what's happening in the world around us.

Poetry24 is included in web-listings with Duotrope and Mslexia. Writers News ran a piece about us in July, and we have received favourable reviews online. And this month, we are flagged up as 'one to watch' in The Gloss magazine, supplement of the Irish Times.

We have gained some ground in a relatively short space of time, and we could go much further, developing into a recognised showcase for poets out 'there', who have something to say about what is happening in the world, to the world.

I leave you with Anthony Baverstock's Bugle Call, hoping it's heard far and wide.

The Bugle Call

Have you read the news today?
The poetry has gone away,
disappearing Thursday morn
around about the crack of dawn.

When it wasn't back at lunch,
I got a quite disturbing hunch . . .
Maybe it had up and died?
I felt a twinge of loss inside.

Surely, though, we still have time;
to let it die would be a crime.
Is there nothing we can do
to help the ailing patient through?

"Yes!" I cry. "The weekend's here,
and plain as day our mission's clear:
time to heed the bugle call
and write a poem, one and all!"

Yes, the veins will course again
with ink from ev'ry poet's pen;
whence the world will look and see
the heart of our community!

© Anthony Baverstock

Anthony Baverstock is from Colchester, reputed home of Humpty-Dumpty.